Horizontal dials

Lloydminster (Canada), a borderline case

The dial face of this giant is as much as 60 m (200 ft) across, a worthy successor of Pajala (Sweden) as the world's largest. It reads local time.

Lloydminster is located right on the border between the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, which is also the border between the Central and Mountain Time zones. One side of Meridian Avenue, the main street, is an hour ahead of the other. Handy when you are late running errands! That meridian, by the way, is the 110° W line.

The dial can be found at Bud Miller All Seasons Park, which is in the western part of town (Alberta). Looking at the picture, the pole-style doesn't seem too long. In this way it would not be too difficult to make the world's largest dial by using a broomstick...

Nineteen hour lines can be counted, thus running from 3 tot 21 hr. At this latitude, the sun can be above the horizon from about 3:30 to 20:30 hr local time. Several other posts are present. Some time I may discover what these are for and what's standing there around the pole style...

Website: Lloydminster Tourist
Code NASS: #392
Location: 53.3° N, 110.1° W
Design: ?
Inauguration: ?