Other pole-style dials

Inclining pole-style dials, Tavel Here you'll find polar dials, declining-inclining dials and pole-style dials with a free-style dial face.

What may be called a polar dial, is somewhat vague. The ususal definition is: "a pole-style dial with a flat dial face that is parallel to the pole-style and also includes the east-west direction". The latter clause excludes the direct east and west vertical dials.
But dials in which the face is not quite flat are also called polar. In addition to the "Book of Time" below with its wavy pages, I hit upon several other specimens that were called 'polar':

Maarten van Rossum Museum, Zaltbommel Sundial trail, Rupelmonde (Belgium), nr. 19 Otley (England), by C. Daniel (photo John Davis)
Maarten van Rossum-
museum, Zaltbommel
Sundial trail
Rupelmonde (Belgium)
Otley (England)

Polar dials
Polar bifilar dial
Sundial Park
Genk (Belgium)
London (England)
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Declining-inclining dials

Tavel (France)

Pole-style dials with free-style dial face

Bob's jacuzzi
Coconut Grove
(Florida, USA)